Costa Lopes – Intro

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At Off-Suit, we had the privilege of creating the captivating intro video for Costa Lopes, a multidisciplinary atelier operating within the realms of architecture, urbanism, landscape, and interior design. Their diverse portfolio ranges from large-scale developments and urban interventions to intricately designed single-family houses.

Our focus on crafting the intro video was driven by our commitment to reflect the essence of Costa Lopes as a dynamic and visionary force in the world of architecture and design. Through visual storytelling, we aimed to showcase the atelier’s unique approach, creativity, and dedication to excellence.

The intro video serves as a window into the world of Costa Lopes, offering potential clients and admirers an opportunity to glimpse the atelier’s expertise and passion. It provides a captivating showcase of their remarkable projects and highlights their ability to transform spaces and create stunning environments.

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