Fora - Sunglasses

In April 2023, Full House Partners and LickAir joined forces to embark on a series of exciting new initiatives. As part of our endeavors, we reached out to Fora Sunglasses, an esteemed Portuguese brand known for their exceptional vintage eyewear.

We were thrilled when Fora enthusiastically accepted the challenge, and together, we devised an exciting and captivating plan for the upcoming summer campaign.

Our first step was to thoroughly analyze Fora’s existing communication strategies. It became evident that Fora is not just a brand or a product; it represents a lifestyle that transcends time.

By blending our commonalities in a creative and compelling manner, we aimed to capture the essence of Fora Sunglasses and bring their timeless lifestyle to life.

Recognizing the shared values and aspirations between our companies, we set out to communicate this unique lifestyle in a manner that truly resonated with our audience. Leveraging Fora’s vintage aesthetic, we proudly featured LickAir’s iconic Ford Mustang as one of our flagship models, imbuing our campaign with a distinct “boho chic” image.

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